The Ultimate Digital Assistant For Elder Care

Introducing the world's first voice-activated virtual assistant for elders at home and their caregivers. A secure and easy-to-use solution that keeps everyone connected.

At-a-glance peace-of-mind

“Dad is still in charge, but he now knows he's got back-up when and if he needs it. It's made us all more connected and more comfortable, even from far away.”

Chris, Caregiver

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Care collaboration

Wearable-free fall detection

Created by caregivers, for caregivers. Aloe Care Health is dedicated to making aging-at-home more connected, less stressful, and safer. Learn more »

 elder care reimagined

A Smarter Way to Care 

Easy set-up, fades into the background. Nothing to learn, nothing to wear.

Caregivers check in anytime—from anywhere—through our hands-free calling feature. Receive fall, air quality and temperature alerts activated by Smart Sensors, or through a verbal prompt by the older adult.

Machine learning identifies notable changes in activity, helping you address problems before they occur.

Peace-of-Mind, Powered by Aloe Care

Secure voice communication between caregivers, elder. Convenient check-in reminders.


Detect falls without a wearable. Prevent issues with actionable insights. 24/7 access to our Professional Emergency Response team. 

Effortless collaboration with everyone in your care network through our mobile app.



Care Collaboration

Foundational, state-of-the-art privacy and data protection protocols.

The Aloe Care in-home bundle includes a Smart HUB and three Smart Sensors to detect falls, motion, air quality and temperature.

Upon activation, you will have access to 24/7 support - including a professional emergency response team — for just $2 a day (billed monthly).

Hardware payment is processed as of ship date. Necessary plugs and batteries are included, in addition to your Aloe Care Setup Guide.

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