The Ultimate Digital Assistant for Elder Care

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“This is exactly the support I needed to help my Mom stay in her home. I feel more connected to her than ever, but she doesn't feel like I'm hovering. It's also been great to keep the rest of our family in the loop. Thank you for giving us some much-needed peace-of-mind!”

Sandy, Caregiver

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Pre-order today and get $100 off!
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Secure, effortless support

Connected Care—Nothing to Wear

Introducing the world's first voice-activated virtual assistant for elders at home and their caregivers. A secure and easy-to-use solution that keeps everyone connected; facilitates collaborative care; and best of all, keeps older adults safe—all without a wearable device.

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Peace-of-Mind, Powered by Aloe Care

The Aloe Care in-home bundle includes a Smart HUB and three Smart Sensors to detect falls, motion, air quality and temperature.

Upon activation, you will have access to 24/7 support—including a professional emergency response team—for just $2 a day (billed monthly).

Hardware payment is processed as of ship date. Necessary plugs and batteries are included, in addition to your Aloe Care Setup Guide.

What's in the Box

All-inclusive Bundle


Detect falls without a wearable. Prevent issues with actionable insights. 24/7 access to our Professional Emergency Response team.


Secure voice communication between caregivers, elder. Convenient check-in reminders.

Care Collaboration

Effortless collaboration with everyone in your care network through our mobile app.


Foundational, state-of-the-art privacy and data protection protocols.

Easy set-up, fades into the background. Nothing to learn, nothing to wear.

Caregivers check in anytime—from anywhere—through our hands-free calling feature. Receive fall, air quality and temperature alerts activated by Smart Sensors, or through a verbal prompt by the older adult.

Machine learning identifies notable changes in activity, helping you address problems before they occur.

A Smarter Way to Care 

 elder care reimagined